Our Air Suspension Solutions

Semi Air kits


Drive-Rite air helper springs can be installed on most light commercial vehicles, motorhomes, vans and SUVs. Systems available for both leaf and coil spring applications. The double convoluted and tapered sleeve air springs offer comfort, maximum load support as well as years of worry-free service under any load condition.

Drive-Rite air helper springs provide load support through the use of air pressure that can be adjusted for changing loads. They enhance the ride by reducing inter-leaf friction.

The system features individual inflation valves that allow for separate side-to-side or front-to-rear adjustment, which helps keep the vehicle level when carrying off-center loads and maintains ride quality under differing load conditions.

Most Drive-Rite air assist kits are no-drill systems, designed to use the vehicle’s factory holes and mount between its frame and suspension. All the components are included in the kit for an easy installation that typically takes 1 to 2 hours.

Air springs, brackets, hardware, air line, and separate valves for manual inflation are all included for a straightforward installation.


Coil Rite Kits


As part of the semi air spring range, coil rites are used in conjunction with existing vehicle coil springs. An specially adapted polyurethane assembly is fitted within the coil spring to provide level load carrying throughout full range.

Everything you will need for this simple alteration is included in the kit including air line, air valves for manual inflation.


Full Air Kits


Drive-Rite have developed a wide range of Full-Air Suspension Systems for many vehicle applications. Drive-Rite’s suspension systems offer a smooth comfortable ride, lowering facility, multiple ride heights, are easy to install, user friendly and require little or no maintenance.


IntelliRide Kits


IntelliRide is a fully automatic, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted the system provides comfort while maintaining a programmed ride height irrespective of the load. Multiple vehicle heights are available at the push of a button. The IntelliRide system has automatic load levelling at each height.

The IntelliRide system continuously monitors inputs and component performance as a means of increasing safety and durability. The system recognizes and responds accordingly to potholes, cross-articulation and extended turns. This intelligence prevents unnecessary activity and air consumption. The system even recognizes unachievable heights, assisting in the prevention of possible damage above or below the vehicle.